Alma Hotel – Built in 1856 in the heart of Willunga

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The Alma Hotel: Where Every Brick Has a Story.

A Stonemason's Masterpiece

In 1856, amidst the bustle of the newly established town of Willunga, English stonemason William Toll laid the foundation for what would become an iconic symbol of the town – The Alma Hotel. Built with precision, passion, and a vision, the hotel stands tall today, a testament to Toll’s craftsmanship.

Willunga's Bustling Past

Founded in 1839, Willunga quickly transformed into a thriving slate mining hub. As the wheels of Cobb and Co coaches churned the dust, making their stops en route to the south, The Alma Hotel provided solace to weary travelers. The echo of horses and the bustling energy of yesteryears might have faded, but the stories remain, ingrained in the walls and the cobbled paths.

A Vision Expanded

By the late 1800s, the hotel expanded upwards. A new section graced the existing structure, offering travelers and holidaymakers panoramic views. From its balcony, the distant silhouette of Aldinga and the bustling Port Willunga came to life, providing a captivating sight to its guests.

The Enigma Behind The Name

The ‘Alma Hotel’ – a name that piques curiosity. While some believe it commemorates the valor of Englishmen in the 1854 Battle of the Alma, others think it might be inspired by a beloved lady named Alma. And in the poetic realm of Latin, Alma translates to ‘good’ and ‘true’ – an apt description for our venerable establishment.

A Hotel of Many Hats

Over the years, The Alma Hotel donned several roles – a morgue, coroner’s court, refuge for shipwrecked immigrants, a salon, and even a dental clinic. Its versatility only added layers to its already rich history.

Spirits of The Alma

Whispers of the paranormal have always surrounded The Alma Hotel. Visitors speak of friendly apparitions, mysteriously moved items, and a certain warmth by the fire in the front bar. A clairvoyant in 2013 confirmed the presence of three benevolent spirits, adding a mystical dimension to our story.

Transient Leadership

Our legacy is long, and our leaders many. Take a glimpse at the licensee board in the front bar. You’ll find a curious fact from the 1970s – some people held the reins for merely a few days!

Your Experience at Alma

At The Alma Hotel, the past blends seamlessly with the present. We’re not just a hotel; we’re a chronicle of stories, experiences, and memories. Whether you’re here for a bus group tour, a private function, a meeting, or simply to soak in history – we promise an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy your time with us, and remember, every corner you turn has a story waiting to be told. Welcome to The Alma Hotel!

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